Elmer T Lee

Elmer T Lee (regularly called ETL for short) is a Buffalo Trace Single Barrel whiskey

produced using the somewhat higher-rye pound #2, likewise utilized for Rock Hill Farms, Blanton’s, Hancock’s Reserve, and Ancient Age.

Those with the exception of Ancient Age are single barrel.

On the off chance that you didn’t know previously,

Mash #2 is possessed by Ancient Age International not Buffalo Trace.

My theory is that Ancient Age has a great deal of say in the creation of those whiskeys,

which may clarify why every one of them with the exception of Ancient Age are

particularly hard to track down, despite the fact that I can’t say without a doubt.

Single Barrel remembers one of the organization’s lord distillers,

and should copy what he would have picked himself. Regardless,

this whiskey is profoundly pursued, so getting a jug,

not to mention a pour of this can be extremely troublesome.

Presently in case you’re thinking about how Buffalo Trace

chooses what barrels become Elmer T Lee, Blanton’s,

Rock Hill Farms, or Hancock’s Reserve, I have no clue.

I just realize that they have diverse liquor content.

Vulnerability to the side, we should discover more about this whiskey in this Elmer T Lee survey.

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