Willett Pot Still Collection

As referenced in our audit of another Willett pot still reserve for sale item, Noah’s Mill.

Willett pot still reserve for sale sourced from other Kentucky distillers.

In 2012, Willett continued refining bourbon too. At first, Willett distillate (whiskey and rye) advanced into Willett Family Estate bottles as two,

three. and four year old bourbons. Since Willett distillate has arrived at four years of age,

Willett delivered a Kentucky-just packaging of its whiskey as Old Bardstown Estate Bottled in Bond Bourbon.

In view of all that, the subject of this audit, Willett Pot Still Reserve whiskey.

began life as a solitary barrel articulation of other distiller’s whiskey.

For ongoing deliveries, the single barrel articulation has been dropped for little cluster.

What’s more, while it appears to be reasonable that Willett’s own whiskey will ultimately advance.

into their namesake image, current containers probably still incorporate sourced whiskey.

While the whiskey in the container by and large meets assumptions.

the characterizing highlight for this specific whiskey lies in the bundling.

The pot actually formed container for this whiskey will absolutely leap out on a rack.

Other pleasant plan components, for example, a brilliant wax seal on the shoulder of the container.

and brilliant content textual style for the mark, make Willett Pot Still

Reserve one. of the more very much planned jugs right now accessible.

In any case, looks will just get you so far throughout everyday life.

Fortunately, Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon has some pleasant

characteristics within. the container too, so how about we get to the significant assignment of drinking the whiskey.

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