Buffalo Trace Antique Sazerac



                   Buffalo Trace Antique Sazerac

The famed Sazerac Coffee House was founded in 1850 on Exchange Alley in New Orleans. Louisiana and soon gained fame as the home of “America’s First Cocktail” known as the Sazerac. Using rye whiskey in place of the French brandy, a dash of Peychaud Bitters, and Herbsaint. This straight rye has a mellow spice and dry sweetness that dances on the tongue. Giving pure delight that is worthy of the Sazerac name. Buffalo Trace Antique Sazerac Buy Buffalo Trace Antique Sazerac online Where to buy rare Buffalo Trace Antique online Sazerac Antique Collection

Note: The actual year might differ from the bottle shown in the picture. If you want to request a specific year please contact us.

In Spring 1998 and bottled at 18 years old for their annual Antique Collection in Spring 2016.

Bottled from charred American white oak at the series standard strength 45% ABV. This limited edition Kentucky Rye is one of an estimated 2,687 bottles – considerably down on previous years. Due to a colossal loss of over 72% to evaporation. Sazerac has a very loyal fanbase and these releases from the BTAC can often be one of the most. Difficult to track down – quite simpy because it’s a brilliantly consistent whiskey Buy lsd blotter online.

It was also the birth of “America’s First Cocktail”, the Sazerac, which initially blended Brandy. Sugar and Bitters but later swapped out the Brandy for Rye Whiskey.


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